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About Legal Imaging

Providing first-class
litigation support
since 1996.

Legal Imaging delivers cost-effective litigation support services using innovative technology and comprehensive approaches that cover the entire lifecycle of an eDiscovery engagement.

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To achieve desired outcomes, it’s necessary to adhere to a set of priorities. In layman’s terms, “Don’t get the cart before the horse.” Our professional and everyday life experiences have shown us the importance of organization and following a simple yet vital path to success for ourselves and our clients.

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John F. Kilpatrick


Cullen Millsap


Jon Grace

Director of Sales

Kyle Stewart

Director of Digital Forensics

Braddock Wilson

VP of Client Services

About Legal Imaging

Our Values

Maintain and nurture a personal spiritual life:
We believe all blessings begin here.

Maintain absolute truth in all relationships:
The first one being marriage, then friends and family, our clients, and all humankind. Keep a tight, honest accountability and you’ll never stray too far.

Commit support for service members and vets:
As a Certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, we value the service of our men and women in uniform. When possible, we seek to do business with other veteran-owned businesses, we’ll hire a qualified veteran first and we are committed to caring for veterans through the financial support of Veterans Recovery Resources.

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