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Digital Forensics
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Legal Imaging has built the most capable digital forensics lab in the Southeast. We understand that the preservation, integrity of data, and a defensible chain of custody all play a key role in the forensic collection process and the investigation of electronically stored data. Our forensic experts employ a proven and defensible approach that’s capable of creating a comprehensive and forensically accurate image of any known digital device. We ensure the appropriate preservation of data to avoid spoliation, and our rigid procedures preserve forensically sound copies of all storage and media.

Ultimately, our goal is for you to fully understand the scope and scale of the data landscape you need to leverage every possible advantage. We’ve dealt with extremely sensitive and complex cases and are experienced in all areas of forensics which leads to the readiness required for successful litigation.

Digital Forensics

Included Areas of

  • On-site collection from desktops, laptops, servers, shares, cloud accounts, and other devices.
  • Remote collection of data using endpoint index agents
  • Analysis of devices for hidden, deleted, or slack space evidence
  • Mobile, tablet, and smart device collection including data from apps and other third-party integrations
  • Operating systems for Mac & PC
  • Forensic analysis of devices to uncover potentially stolen data
  • Forensic analysis of devices to identify Intellectual Property Theft
  • Departing employee investigations
  • Financial loss investigations
  • Uncovering hidden assets
  • Forensically-sound processes and procedures for litigation readiness

Digital Forensics

Early Case
Accuracy and

ECA is the examination of evidence thought to be relevant in a matter, and Legal Imaging can ensure the appropriate scope and preservation/collection of data will be collected. We target the most relevant evidence and collect with a streamlined approach to delivering a greater value and cost-saving method of ECA.

  • Account for the accuracy of document collection
  • Target the known/unknown data
  • Assess and cull data to its smallest defensible review set
  • Keyword, custodian, and concept testing
  • Timeline analysis
  • Domain reporting, communication, and social network exploration
  • Prioritize and categorize data efficiently