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Expert Witness
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Legal Imaging believes you deserve the best experts to help win in court. With regard to software and cost-effective solutions, we can provide expert testimony that specifically relates to your case. With an integrated approach of software and services, we have extensive experience and results serving as experts for top litigation firms on smartphone technology, CCTV, websites, hosted emails, and internet software.

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What is an
expert witness?

An expert witness is a person who is permitted to testify in a trial because of their special knowledge and expertise in a particular field that’s relevant to the case. Our experts work around the clock to ensure proficiency in their field and constantly adapt to the changes and updates to the IT industry.

Expert Witness

Litigation and
Legal Support

  • Regulatory and technical case evaluation and consultation
  • Research, assessments, and studies
  • Record review and report writing
  • Depositions and traditional expert witness testimony