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5 Ways Blockchain Technology Is Reshaping the Legal Industry

For an industry built on trust, consistency, and reliability, the legal sector has traditionally been slow to adopt modern technologies for fear that doing so may end up getting in the way of their operations. It is true that many digital transformations fail, but that doesn’t mean you can afford to be stuck in the twentieth century when the more innovative among your competitors are using technology to capitalize on new and lucrative opportunities.

Why Data Encryption is Important For Attorneys

Client-attorney privileges are a pillar of the legal profession. In fact, they're so important that they're protected by law -- and that has implications for your IT solutions.

To instill trust with your clients and remain within the guidelines of legal compliance, it is of the utmost importance that attorney-client correspondence be protected by the best technology available

Modern Privacy

The legal industry faces a different set of privacy challenges than it did two short decades ago.

How to Streamline your Firm’s Workflows And Reduce Errors with a Document Management System

In modern law offices, implementing a document management system is one of the most efficient and purposeful upgrades available. Dozens of firms right here in Mobile have already made the switch and are reaping the benefits.

When properly integrated into every part of your business and supported by trained experts, a document management system saves you money and facilitates a smoother eDiscovery process.