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Why You Can’t Rely Solely On Office 365 for Backups

Although many professionals trust Office 365 for convenient file backups and revision histories, it isn’t the only tool you should be using. In fact, trusting only one or two cloud-based services can be a recipe for trouble down the line.

Here are some issues you may not have considered when setting up your Office 365 backups, as well as how to alleviate those problems with a secondary backup solution.

What GDPR Means For American Law Firms

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will go into effect on May 25th of this year, and the regulations will impact several areas of business operations within the EU.

Businesses doing business with individuals or companies within the European Union will also be affected.

Using VoIP To Deliver Better Client Service

Voice over Internet Protocol systems have been around for about 30 years, but have recently begun to gain steam in small- and medium-sized businesses. In the early days of the internet, when speeds weren’t what they are today, VoIP calls often lagged behind traditional landlines in terms of quality and reliability.

Notes from John F. Kilpatrick

For over twenty years, we have tried to figure out what attorneys need in an effort to build our business around meeting those needs. As one of my favorite Jason Mraz songs so eloquently states, “I reckon it's again my turn, to win some or learn some.