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Before the use of courtroom technology, counsel relied on their courtroom presence, oratory, and enlarged exhibits to carry the day. Today, courtroom presence and oratory have their place, but litigants will likely need much more to meet the expectations of the jury hearing their case.

In today’s tech driven world lawyers and judges must be prepared to use an expanding level of technology during opening statements, evidence presentation, and closing arguments during administrative, civil, and criminal proceedings.

Technology-based evidence presentation is substantially faster than moving a physical exhibit around the courtroom. Many claim that a party using technology to present argument and evidence may have the upper hand when compared with those who use no technology to aid their presentation.

Effective use of the equipment requires someone with a sufficient understanding of the technology to use it for its intended purpose. Legal Imaging is your courtroom technology team of choice.

Annotation Monitors

Allows witnesses to mark an exhibit with notations. Counsel may then preserve the marked exhibit for later viewing. This is the electronic equivalent of drawing on a large poster board exhibit, either as evidence presented by a witness or a demonstration by counsel.

Witness Monitor

Whether counsel is showing an electronic exhibit to a witness on a monitor at the witness stand or a tablet-type device handed to the witness, the ability to show the exhibit to a witness before the jury sees it is important for the traditional reasons.

Evidence Camera

An evidence camera allows the instantaneous conversion of a paper document or physical exhibit to an electronic image for display on the courtroom’s monitors, with the ability to enlarge and reduce the image as needed.

Laptop Connections and Other Digital Input Locations

Allows the attorneys, judges, jury and others to use tablets and smart devices to access materials presented related to the case directly as provided by counsel.

Combo VCR/CD/DVD Player

Regardless of the format your evidence takes, Legal Imaging will make it easy and quick to present.

High Resolution Color Printing and Electronic Storage of Exhibits

Printing exhibits on which witnesses have made electronic markings. Besides printing paper copies of images and markings and other notations for review by the judge or jury during deliberations, paper copies often are needed to satisfy the necessity for paper backups.

Remote Witness Testimony and Video Conferences

The ability to permit participation from remote locations, such as testimony from an out-of-town witness or participation by counsel or a judge. Remote participation by a judge, counsel, or witness could avoid the prospect of rescheduling a proceeding weeks or months later depending on the availability of other participants.

Our Trial Services also include:

  • Video / audio depositions
  • Day-in-the-life-video production
  • Electronic, animated and hard copy displays
  • Electronic and hard copy trial graphics
  • Forensic photography and video
  • Surveillance video enhancement

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